Télega is a robust, modern electric motor control firmware designed for use in propulsion systems of manned and unmanned electric aircraft. Principles of efficient and reliable motor control are transferable to other domains, which makes Telega applicable in other applications without the need for customization. As such, Telega is known to have been applied with success in the following domains:

  • Propulsion systems of electric aircraft (the primary use).

  • Propulsion systems of underwater vehicles.

  • Fuel pumps for gas turbine engines.

  • Starter/generators for piston engines in hybrid UAVs.

  • Traction drives in micromobility systems (e-scooters).

The successful track record in many applications demonstrates that Telega is stable and robust across a wide range of operating conditions and environments, which is a highly desirable trait for mission-critical systems.

Compatible hardware#

Telega is a firmware that runs on a variety of different products manufactured by Zubax Robotics, from integrated drives to motor control modules. All products compatible with a given major version of Telega can run the same firmware build.

The wide binary compatibility is desirable for reasons of robustness, as each released firmware build accumulates operational hours across all hardware versions and applications. Therefore, any application using a specific build of Telega can benefit from the fact that the very same image has been tested in production across the entire family of compatible products. This arrangement is superior compared to alternatives with specialized firmware builds per product as it provides a lower expected system failure rate.

Getting the firmware#

Telega firmware images can be freely downloaded from the Zubax file server. Firmware builds within the same major version can be easily swapped using the built-in bootloader.

Quality assurance#

The motor control core of Telega is AUTOSAR C++14 compliant, is continuously checked by two distinct advanced static analysis tools, and features nearly 100% branch coverage in HITL and SITL environments. On-target unit and end-to-end integration tests are performed for every patch release. Zubax Robotics has adopted a comprehensive feedback policy that ensures that every substantiated defect report from the field is investigated and acted upon.

Every mass-produced Telega-compatible product undergoes full automatic testing at the factory. Such factory testing relies on extensive automation to mitigate the risks associated with the human factor. The automatic test reports for every manufactured unit are available from

Every manufactured device is equipped with a strong digital signature that is validated at start-up, protecting the customer against the risk of sourcing counterfeit products.

Telega-based motor controllers are mass-produced in EU by one of our ISO 9001-certified manufacturing contractors.

For additional information concerning the reliability, safety, and standard compliance, reach out to

How to read this manual#

This reference manual contains both a detailed description of Telega and a set of hands-on tutorials. If your intended application is covered in a tutorial, start there; the tutorials allow you to get started quickly but they may omit information that may be necessary to utilize the full potential of Telega.

To maximize the utility of Telega in your application, we recommend either studying the detailed documentation or signing up for an extended support package from Zubax (contact sales).

This document does not cover hardware-specific topics; for that, please refer to the datasheet for your product.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all units of measure adhere to the International System of Units.