Telega reference manual#

Télega is a firmware that runs high-end electric motor controllers and motor control modules developed by Zubax Robotics. It is designed for use in propulsion drives in electric aviation and other applications where exceptional energy efficiency, reliability, and predictability are required. Telega can be interfaced with external systems via Cyphal or simple analog interfaces.

For the full list of Telega-compatible products, please refer to the Zubax website. If you require assistance, please get in touch via or

Not applicable to Telega v0

This reference manual is dedicated to Telega v1, first released in early 2023, and it does not apply to Telega v0 aside from the theoretical fundamentals. Documentation for Telega v0 is available at

Version 1.0.80f5203d8536b7be generated on 2023-05-20.